If you want to be a tester of Mind Map Architect, simple download last stable or develop version of application, run and try to use. All know bugs are stored in ticket system at, sou if you found some one, which is not in bugs list, create new task with bug type or write message to discussion.

Of course, there are many parts of project, which you could test: application, web pages, translation, compilation, installation or system integration. All off these ways are open for your testing. Thank you for that.

Translating *

Locales are make by Linux standard gettext system. So create new language for application is just copy mmarchitect.pot to new language po file. Edit all po header values (some translator tools like poedit do it for you) and do translation. If there is po file for your language, pleas contact translator and coordinate your work with him.

File mmarchictect.pot is distributed in source file packages, if you download source form version system you must create it with make rule. Here is example to create new language translation:

$ make updatelang                       # create or update new po/mmarchitect.pot file
$ cp po/mmarchitect.pot po/xy.po        # if you language file does not exist yet
$ poedit po/xy.po                       # do translation

You can send to author new files or updates via discussion and in next update, you would have access to source code to do without existing developer assistance.

Developing & bug-fixing *

Developing requirements are Vala 0.12 or higher, C compiler, GNU Make, pkg-config, Gtk+-2.0, libgee, librsvg, Gettext, Unix tools (printf, cp, mv, ls, find). Simple way to build binary for testing and developing is:

$ make help                             # print all usable rules which you can use
$ make configure DEBUG=1                # mmarchitect is executable from local directory
$ make -j4                              # you can read any other settings from Makefile

Mind Map Architect is write in Vala which create C source first and next compile them with standard C compiler. Instructions how build application are in README and INSTALL files in source code. If you want to public some programming work, please send message to discussion with your patch.

For next time, you will got access to source code.

Graphic and texts and other

Graphics and text work could be do on application as well as on documentation or web pages. So if you have some ideas, new texts, want to create wiki or documentation or what you want, write message to discussion how you want to work on project.

* You need source code of application. Best way to get it is fresh fetch from version system.