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Simple to use

Mind Map Architect is lightweight software for crating mind maps. All user work could be only working with maps, with ideas and it's branches.


Because Architect is Vala to C to binary compiled application, it is fast as other native application. Which could be look like other Gtk+ application on your system. With styles, it could look as native Windows or QT application.


There are a few methods, which is use to rising lines and fonts. Methods could be configurable with application settings or with ideas value as like as colors.


If Mind Map Architect is not available in your distribution, you can download binaries or sources packages. Binaries is for Linux and Windows system and sources is available as Vala sources or precompiled C sources.

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Have you any questions about program, or you want to tell us how you use this program, visit our General Discussion on This is main and next to web point of information, users knowledge and source of many answers.

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Tasks and Bugs

Did you find bugs ? Or there is some futures, which this program don't have but users could want it. Please tell us what you want, and where we have bugs. Thank you for that !

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